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  • February 23, 2023
  • WTO

Brazil proposes inclusion of new active ingredients in Monograph List for pesticides and household cleaning products

Brazil has proposed a draft resolution for the inclusion of several active ingredients in the Monograph List for pesticides, household cleaning products, and wood preservers. The active ingredients proposed for inclusion include bifenthrin, phenpropidine, imidacloprid, ipconazole, metomyl, metalaxyl-M, pyroxasulfone, S-metolachlor, thiabendazole, terbuthylazine, tolfenpirad, and zoxamide. The proposal was published in the Brazilian Official Gazette, and is aimed at ensuring that these active ingredients are regulated and monitored to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The Monograph List is an important tool for ensuring the quality and safety of products used in Brazil, and the inclusion of these active ingredients would provide greater protection for consumers and the environment.




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