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Cobalt | Occupational exposure limits – Consultations on OEL recommendation | Deadline of consultation on OEL report 10 June 2022

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As part of the process for establishing OELs, ECHA prepares a scientific report for consideration by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC). This report forms the Annex of the RAC opinion and, with the information provided during the consultations, forms the basis of the RAC plenary discussions. These consultations are held to allow parties concerned to comment on the report and to support RAC in adopting an opinion on occupational exposure limits.

Parties concerned are invited to comment on occupational exposure limits proposals open for consultation, which are indicated in the substance table below.

See OEL substance evaluations page for complete overview of the OEL activity on the substance. 

Please note: the ECHA Committees will not take into account the comments received after the final deadline in their opinion making process and only the comments addressing the topic of the request will be taken into account.

Cobalt and inorganic cobalt compounds--10/06/2022ECHA scientific report
Link to the Occupational exposure limits – Consultations on OEL recommendation

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