D4434/D4434M Standard Specification for Poly(Vinyl Chloride) Sheet Roofing has been revised to D4434/D4434M-21

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This specification covers flexible fiber- or fabric-reinforced sheet made from poly(vinyl chloride) resin as the primary polymer intended for use in single-ply roofing membranes exposed to the weather. The sheet shall contain. In-place roof system design criteria such as fire resistance, material compatibility, wind uplift resistance, in-situ shrinkage, among others, are beyond the scope of this specification. The physical requirements for which the sheet materials shall be tested on and shall conform accordingly to are as follows: overall thickness and thickness over scrim; tensile strength at break; breaking strength; elongation at break; seam strength; retention of properties after heat aging; tear resistance and tearing strength; low temperature bend; cracking and crazing after accelerated weathering test; linear dimensional change; change in weight after immersion in water; and static and dynamic puncture resistance.



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