Singapore | Guidance for Use of Masks and Face Shields

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As more activities and services resume after the circuit breaker lifts from 2 June 2020, the use of masks will continue to be mandatory when people go outside their homes. The use of masks that closely and completely cover the nose and mouth will be required as a default. With effect from 2 June, face shields will be treated differently from masks, and will be allowed only for specific exempt groups or settings.

COVID-19 is spread predominantly through droplets. The design of face shields typically leaves a gap between the face shield and the face. Masks that are worn closely and completely over the nose and mouth do not have such gaps. During the circuit breaker, face shields were allowed to be worn, in place of masks. But with the re-opening of our economy and society, we can expect more activities and close contact amongst people, including on public transport. So masks will now be required as the default.

In some situations, the wearing of masks may not be practical. In such situations, face shields may be worn. The face shields must be worn properly so that it covers the entire face, from the forehead to below the chin, wrapping around the sides of the face. The groups which can wear face shields are as follows:



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