The Danish Environmental Protection Agency enters into cooperation on a new innovation center

Following the completion of the tender round for new innovation efforts for the replacement of harmful chemistry, the Danish EPA allocates the project to establish an innovation center for the consulting engineering company NIRAS.

Among other things, this effort will support and promote, in particular, the reduction of undesirable chemistry by Danish companies and the substitution of problematic chemicals with better alternatives. It should contribute to the circular economy by reducing harmful chemistry in recycled materials and generally helping to reduce worker, consumer, and environmental exposure to harmful chemicals.

On 17 November 2017, the Government and the Folketing entered into an agreement on a new joint Chemistry initiative in the period 2018-2021. Based on this agreement, a new innovation initiative is initiated, which will build on the substitution partnership Kemi i Kredslabet, which was set up during the previous chemistry effort.

The innovation effort has been in tender during the autumn of 2018 and after the evaluation of the incoming offers, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency has chosen NIRAS to lead the project. NIRAS has for the project set up a broad interdisciplinary working group with in-depth knowledge of industries that have great potential for substitution of harmful chemistry.

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