• May 21, 2018
  • ACC

Peer-Reviewed Study Finds D4 Poses Negligible Risk to Environment

WASHINGTON (May 21, 2018) – A peer-reviewed study published in the journal Science of the Total Environment and authored by Josie B. Nusz, Anne Fairbrother, Jennifer Daley and G. Allen Burton finds D4 poses negligible risk to the environment. The study examined environmental monitoring data collected during a silicones industry program designed collaboratively with the US Environmental Protection Agency. The study concludes that D4 poses negligible risk to the environment, which SEHSC believes is an indication that no regulatory restrictions are warranted.

“As a result of this study, SEHSC believes that U.S. policymakers now have conclusive evidence that D4 does not harm the environment. The findings are clear – D4 poses no unreasonable environmental risk,” said Karluss Thomas, Senior Director of the Silicones Environmental, Health and Safety Center (SEHSC) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

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