South Africa Amendments as regards waste and labelling requirements for fresh fruit

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Waste - In accordance with the Regulations Regarding the Control of the Import or Export of Waste of 21 January 2019, an import permit is required for the importation of hazardous waste into South Africa. Hence, the section on Waste in this overview has been amended to this regard. Furthermore, the quoted Regulations determine certain types of waste to be prohibited from importation into the country. This has been reflected in the chapter on Prohibited Imports further below. For particulars, please see the mentioned paragraphs.

Labelling Requirements for Fresh Fruit - The Regulations Relating to the Grading, Packing and Marking of Fresh Fruits Intended for Sale in the Republic of South Africa of 22 June 2018 stipulate specific labelling requirements for fresh fruit. Consequently, the chapter on Labelling Requirements for Foodstuffs below has been enhanced with corresponding information. Please turn thereto for specifics.

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