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California | DTSC Releases Draft Hazardous Waste Management Report

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The Department of Toxic Substances Control has released the Draft Hazardous Waste Management Report (draft Report). 

The Report is the starting point to determine the types of information and additional research needed to generate the first Hazardous Waste Management Plan due in 2025. The main objectives of the first report are the following:

  • Establish a baseline understanding of the management of hazardous waste in the State of California.
  • Identify data gaps and items that require additional research.
  • Begin planning to fill data gaps and perform additional research.

To help achieve these objectives, the first report includes available information regarding items such as hazardous waste streams produced in the state (waste generation, transportation, treatment, and disposal) and hazardous waste facilities that operate in the state.

Feedback Period for the Draft Hazardous Waste Management Report Starts on July 17, 2023

DTSC invites you to review and provide feedback on the Draft Hazardous Waste Management Report. The public feedback period begins on July 17, 2023 and ends September 17, 2023.



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