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ECHA Board of Appeal | 1 September 2021 | Schott AG, Germany

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Subject matter : A decision taken by the European Chemicals Agency (the ‘Agency’) pursuant to Article 41 of the REACH Regulation, in accordance with the procedure laid down in Articles 50 and 51 of the REACH Regulation

Pleas in law and main arguments : On 27 April 2021, the Agency adopted the Contested Decision following the compliance check of the Appellant’s registration dossier for strontium fluoride (EC No 232-000-3, CAS No 7783- 48-4; the ‘Substance’). According to the Contested Decision, the Appellant is required to provide information on certain studies required under Annex VIII to the REACH Regulation which is applicable to substances manufactured or imported in quantities of 10 tonnes or more per year.


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