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Rejection of registration for ammonium chloride: ECHA Board of Appeal upholds decision despite company's pleas

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The Board of Appeal of the European Chemicals Agency has upheld a decision to reject the registration of a substance  ammonium chloride with EC number 235-186-4. The decision was made based on Article 20(2) of the REACH Regulation and Article 13(3) and (4) of the Fee Regulation.

The appellant, who had their registration rejected, raised two pleas in support of their appeal. The first was that they were a small enterprise and should have been entitled to pay a reduced fee for their registration. The second was that the decision to reject their registration was made without an adequate legal basis.

However, the Board of Appeal rejected both pleas, stating that the appellant had already been informed of their status as a small enterprise, and that the decision to reject their registration was based on their failure to pay the top-up fee imposed with the SME verification decision.

The Board of Appeal confirmed the Contested Decision, which requires the appellant to cease manufacture, import or use of the ammonium chloride unless they submit a new registration. 


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