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Proposed Harmonized EU Hazard Classification for Benzobicyclon | Consultation Period

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The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recently included Benzobicyclon in the Registry of Classification and Labelling (CLH) intentions until outcome. This registry lists proposals received by ECHA for new or revised harmonized classifications and labelling of substances. 

Benzobicyclon is an active substance commonly used in Plant Protection Products. It has various applications in the agricultural sector, particularly in the control of pests and diseases that affect crops. The substance has shown efficacy in managing certain plant pathogens and has been used in formulations designed to protect a wide range of agricultural crops.

The dossier submitter, Malta, proposes a harmonized classification for Benzobicyclon based on its hazard properties. The proposed classification includes the following hazard categories: Aquatic Acute 1 with an associated M-factor of 100, Aquatic Chronic 1 with an M-factor of 100, and Health hazards. These classifications highlight the substance's potential to cause acute and chronic harm to aquatic organisms and its potential health risks.

Interested parties, including competent authorities, manufacturers, importers, downstream users, and the public, are encouraged to participate in the consultation process. During this period, stakeholders can provide relevant information on the identity or hazard properties of Benzobicyclon to the dossier submitter, Malta, to contribute to the assessment.

The consultation period for Benzobicyclon started on May 8, 2023, and will conclude on July 7, 2023. This timeframe allows interested parties to review the proposal and provide feedback, comments, or additional information for consideration.

Upon completion of the consultation process, the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) will review the proposal and adopt an opinion. The legal deadline for the adoption of the opinion is set for October 27, 2024. The RAC's opinion will be a crucial step in determining the harmonized classification and labelling of Benzobicyclon within the European Union.

Link to the Registry of CLH intentions until outcome


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