"Perspectives of Substitution for Cr (VI)" | Dialogue event

Background - In 2013, the carcinogenic substance chromium trioxide (CrO 3 ) was added to the list of substances subject to authorization (Annex XIV) of the REACH Regulation. ECHA received more than 50 applications for authorization (as of the end of October 2018). B. on hard, - functional or decorative chrome plating relate. Among other things, a substitution test has to be conducted in the context of these applications, which examines the technical suitability and the economic feasibility of potential (material or technical) alternatives. 

Objective: - The aim of the event was to bring together developers and experts from business practice along the value chain and government representatives for a technical exchange.

Content - The program of the event was divided into three thematic blocks followed by keynote speeches and a final discussion. Representatives of the ECHA, the BAuA and the federal funding agency presented framework conditions for substitution (ECHA strategy, information retrieval for substitution, funding opportunities for innovations at the federal level). The second session was followed by examples of material alternatives from practice, in which Chromium (III) is used for hard chrome plating (Savroc Oy, Finland) and for decorative chrome plating (HSO Herbert Schmidt GmbH & Co.KG). In the third session, the alternative technologies of surface treatment in the field of hard chrome plating were the PPD process (Oerlikon balzers) and laser deposition welding (TRUMPF). The keynote speeches provided a short overview and outlook on discussed alternatives, such as: B. Chromium (III), in the automotive industry (Kunststofftechnik Bernt GmbH) and in sanitary and mechanical engineering (Dornbracht) given.

In total, over 200 people participated in the event.

Below you will find the speakers' shared lectures as well as poster contributions on other alternatives in the area of hard chrome plating (PlascoTec) and in the field of decorative chrome plating ( Chrome (III), Atotech). 

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