First Standard for Recovered Carbon Black Approved

ASTM International’s committee on recovered Carbon black (D36), formed in 2017, has approved its first standard. The new standard (D8178) defines important terms in the recovered carbon black (rCB) industry.

ASTM International member Bill Cole notes that recovered carbon black is a relatively new, sustainable raw material product, produced by a new and growing industry, for use in rubber, plastics, and pigment applications.

“At this early stage, the industry needs a set of common terminology to effectively communicate to product users and to each other,” says Cole, director of product management at Delta-Energy Group. “Unique industry terms are defined in the new standard. As new standards are developed for recovered carbon black, we will be adding new terms to the terminology standard.”

According to Cole, rCB products, recently developed by several manufacturers are distinct from “char” products.  Even though both product types are derived from thermal degradation of rubber compounds, typically sourced from tires, their performances in rubber applications significantly differ between the two.

“Having common terms provides a strong basis from which to clearly distinguish the value of rCB from char products. It also allows us to discuss performance within proposed applications,” says Cole. “Manufacturers of rCB will find the nomenclature and new methods quite useful when communicating product performance.” 



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