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Canada | Proposed Regulatory Actions for Substituted Phenols Group under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act

The Department of the Environment and the Department of Health in Canada have conducted a draft assessment of 15 substances in the Substituted Phenols Group, as specified on the Domestic Substances List under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. The assessment proposes that four substances (CAS RNs 118-82-1, 128-37-0, 36443-68-2, and 61788-44-1) meet criteria indicating potential harm to the environment and should be added to Schedule 1 of the Act. A risk management scope document has been released for these substances, initiating discussions with stakeholders. Additionally, 11 substances are proposed to have no immediate risk, and no further action is proposed at this time. The public is invited to provide comments within a 60-day period, and considerations for follow-up activities are outlined, especially regarding substances with associated effects of concern. The full draft assessment and risk management scope document are available on the (Chemical Substances) website.

MORE INFO ON Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 158, Number 2: Index


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