Cosmetic change: Make-up and toiletries set to enjoy microplastics ban delay

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Plastic is found mostly in skin care and cleaning products, but also in toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, creams, eye shadow, deodorant, blush powders, make-up foundation, skin creams, hairspray, nail polish, liquid makeup, eye colour, mascara, shaving cream, baby products, facial cleansers, bubble bath, lotions, hair colouring, nail polish, insect repellents and sunscreen.

Europe’s €80-billion a year cosmetics industry, the largest in the world, has no intention or way to prevent pollution from products containing microplastic – it all goes down the sink and often ends up in the environment. How much? More than 3,755 tonnes of microplastics from cosmetics end up polluting the environment every year, according to the latest official estimates. 



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