Netherlands intention to restrict N,N-dimethylacetamide | Submission expected on 15/01/2021

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Details on the scope of restriction: Manufacturers, importers and downstream users of the substance on its own (regardless of whether DMAC, NEP are a (main) constituent, an impurity or a stabilizer) or in mixtures in a concentration equal or greater than 0.3 % shall use in their chemical safety assessment and safety data sheets by [date to be specified] a worker based harmonized Derived No Effect Level (DNEL) value [to be specified] for long-term inhalation exposure and a worker based harmonized DNEL value [to be specified] for long-term dermal exposure. Manufacturers and downstream users are to implement appropriate risk management measures ensuring exposure of workers remains below the specified DNEL(s).
The scope may become wider during the development of the Annex XV in case unacceptable risk is identified for consumers due to DMAC and/or NEP presence in consumer articles (or product formulations below 0.3%).

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