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Exploring the Potential of the Essential Use Concept in EU Chemicals Legislation

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The Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) has published an insightful report examining the potential of the "Essential Use" concept within EU chemicals legislation. This concept aims to distinguish between essential and non-essential uses of hazardous chemicals, promoting the phase-out of non-essential uses to protect human health and the environment.

The report highlights how implementing the Essential Use concept can streamline regulatory efforts, ensuring that only chemicals necessary for health, safety, or critical societal functions are permitted. This approach supports the European Green Deal's objectives by reducing chemical pollution and encouraging the adoption of safer alternatives.

Key findings of the report suggest that the Essential Use concept can significantly enhance the effectiveness of current regulatory frameworks, providing clear criteria for evaluating the necessity of hazardous chemicals in various applications. HEAL advocates for the integration of this concept into EU policy to foster a more sustainable and health-conscious approach to chemical management.

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