Highlights - Focus on Europe's 2030 Climate Ambition with Vice-President Timmermans

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Frans Timmermans, Executive VP and Commissioner for the European Green Deal, will attend the ENVI committee meeting on Monday 28 September for an exchange of views on the 2030 Climate Target Plan, which includes a Communication called “Stepping up Europe's 2030 Climate Ambition” and an accompanying Impact Assessment.

The latter, after examining the mix of policy instruments available and how each economy sector can contribute to these targets, concluded that a balanced and realistic pathway to climate neutrality by 2050 requires a net emissions reduction target of at least 55% by 2030. How to reach this goal will be subject to further consultation before legislative proposals are presented by the Commission in June 2021. Last week, the ENVI Committee adopted its report on the proposed Climate Law Regulation increasing the 2030 reduction target to 60%. Parliament will vote on the report in October I plenary.

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