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How can the value chain, including retailers and brand owners, specify and design paper-based packaging to support the recycling process?

There is a growing expectation from consumers, brands and retailers that the packaging they use is recyclable, as part of a global ecodesign approach to reduce its impact on the environment. Producers and recyclers of paper-based packaging are committed to delivering on this expectation.

A primary function of packaging is to protect the packed goods during the logistics chain until their final consumption in order to avoid product loss and food waste. Another important function is the communication to the consumer. Paper is always recyclable but some functional properties expected from the packaging require it to be in some cases coated, laminated or treated in other ways in order to meet the different barriers or functional requirements (e.g. for food contact) which can be more challenging for the recycling process. The combination of paper and board with other materials must therefore be implemented in a way that does not hamper recycling, while ensuring that the expected role of packaging is fulfilled.

The recommendations here in will allow the value chain, including retailers and brand owners, to improve the recyclability of paper packaging products in the paper recycling process.



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