EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety - Draft Agenda of the 12th plenary meeting, Luxembourg, 03-04 March 2020

The agenda of the 12 th Plenary Meeting of the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS), to be held on 3-4 March 2020, includes:

New/draft mandate(s)

(*) EDs: Benzophenone-3, Homosalate, Resorcinol, Propylparaben and Octocrylene

(*) TiO2 non-nano for an exemption under Art. 15(1) of Cosmetics regulation (Carcinogen Cat. 2).

(*) Fragrance allergens: assessment of the 11 substances of the 2012 SCCS Opinion

(*) Hair Dye Acid yellow 3 (CAS Number 8004-92-0, EC No 305-897-5) - Submission II

(*) Scientific advice on the safety of nanomaterials in cosmetics

Draft opinions (for discussion/finalisation or progress report):

Nanomaterial in cosmetic ingredients

(*) Nano: Platinum

Cosmetic Ingredients

(*) BPA in clothing 

 (*) Benzophenone-3 

(*) Homosalate

(*) Resorcinol

(*) Propylparaben

(*) Octocrylene

(*) TiO2 non-nano for an exemption under Art. 15(1)

Comments on opinions Cosmetic Ingredients

(*) Aluminium in antiperspirant/deodorant and other cosmetic products.

(*) Preservative zinc pyrithione (ZnPT – P81)

(*)  Dihydroxyacetone  (DHA) as hair colorant

(*) Hair dyeIndigofera tinctoria, ext (C170) (CAS 84775-63-3). Submission III – under commenting period until 13 March 2020



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