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Best available techniques for PFOS substitution in the surface treatment of metals and plastics and analysis of alternative substances to PFOS when used in equipment for chromium plating and plastic etching

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In the project, it was determined that approximately 1000 plants for chromium plating and pickling of plastics are operated in Germany, in which PFOS has been mainly substituted by 6:2 FTS. Many process alternatives already exist for the use of wetting agents or Chromium VI.

The results of the project can be used, among others, for the reporting obligations under the POPs Regulation and the exchange on Best Available Techniques at EU level.

In the project, a comprehensive overview of the chromium-plating and plastic etching plants was collected.

The aim of this research project was to determine the state of the art in chromium plating and plastic pickling as well as existing process alternatives.

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