China Implemented New Fertilizer Marking Standard Starting from May 2021

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China Implemented New Fertilizer Marking Standard Starting from May 1From May 1, 2021, China began to carry out a new national standard of fertilizer markings “GB 178382-2021 Fertilizer Marking—Presentation and declaration”. The mandatory standard applies to both homemade and imported fertilizers circulated in China, playing an effective role in protecting farmer’s interests and promoting legitimate businesses.

Fertilizer marking is the illustration of product characteristics and quality commitment made by its producers and mainly consists of 3 parts: mandatory contents to be labeled on marking, rules and specification, and prohibited contents.

The mandatory content includes 8 items and the key points are summarized as follows:

Mandatory content

Key points


Product Name

The trade name must be placed on the lower part of the generic name with a smaller font size.

Only product names originated from a national standard(GB), industry standard(HG/T、NY/T), and local standard(DB), terms and national product catalog or registered/filled with the provincial/national agricultural authorities.


Nutrient Content


Executive Standard

national standards (GB)

Chemical industry standard (HG)

Agriculture standards (NY)

Local standards(DB);

Market standards such as group standard(T/CPCIF  XXXX-2021、T/CPFIA  XXXX-2020) or enterprise standard(QXX/XXXX-2020)


Production license number and registration/filing number(if applicable)


Net content


Instruction for use and precautions (if applicable)

Including application method, applicable or non-applicable crop, rate and use precautions.

Can be either placed on the package or presented in scannable QR code or bar code


Name and address of the producer/Importer

The enterprise should obtain business registration and be liable for quality issues and the importer’s name cannot be abbreviated.



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