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Right to repair: incentives for consumers to repair rather than replace

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The Internal Market Committee adopted its position on new measures to strengthen the right to repair and promote sustainable consumption.

On Wednesday, the Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee adopted its position on a new “right to repair” for consumers, with 38 votes in favour, 2 against, and no abstentions. The proposal aims to boost repairs during and beyond a product’s legal guarantee period and promote a new repair culture.

Repair over other remedies

Sellers would be required to offer free repair within the legal guarantee period, except when it is more expensive than replacement, it is factually impossible or it is inconvenient for the consumer, according to the adopted text. MEPs supported incentives for consumers to choose repair over replacement within the liability period, such as extending the legal guarantee by one year for repaired products. MEPs also want member states to promote repair through financial incentives like vouchers and national repair funds.


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