Are you trading hazardous chemicals with non-EU countries?

Certain chemicals banned or severely restricted in the EU as industrial chemicals and pesticides used as plant protection products or biocides, fall under the scope of PIC.

If you are an exporter in the EU and trade certain chemicals with non-EU countries, you have to inform your national authority about your export activity. This information not only helps protect human health and the environment, but also bolsters cooperation between the EU and non-EU countries in the international trade of hazardous chemicals.

There is a system to alert importing countries about chemicals that have been banned or severely restricted in other countries, which can help them avoid unwanted trade. This system is in place in the EU due to the PIC Regulation, which applies the Rotterdam Convention, a global treaty that establishes the prior informed consent procedure for certain hazardous chemicals and pesticides throughout the world.

The regulation also tries to safeguard human health and the environment by providing information on how to store, transport and dispose of chemicals safely.



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