Environmental groups take waste managing company to court for not complying with EU and national laws

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Two official complaints have been launched against plans for a 1 billion euro waste incinerator renovation in Paris.

In a new development in the French case, two complaints have been filed by Zero Waste France, Collectif 3R and citizens against the project to renovate a waste incinerator situated in Ivry-Paris XIII.

These complaints target the construction permit and the authorisation to operate delivered by Val-de-Marne Prefecture (Government).

Opponents have been asking for alternatives since 2009. After years of unsuccessful debates, they have decided to sue the company in charge of the renovation.

An outdated project that infringes on French & EU legislation

SYCTOM, the company carrying out the project, processes the domestic waste of almost 6 million inhabitants. In order do to so, they massively resort to incineration. The first steps to reconstruct the Ivry plant were defined by SYCTOM in the early 2000s. Since then the legislation has considerably evolved and environmental groups criticise the project as not aligned with the rules now in place.



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