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Australia | Chemical added to the Inventory following issue of assessment certificate (early listing) - 30 March 2023

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Chemical added to the Inventory following the issue of an assessment certificate
CAS number1631962-93-0
Chemical nameBenzene, 1-(2-methylpropyl)-4-(propoxymethyl)- 
Molecular formulaC14H22O
Defined scope of assessment

 The chemical has been assessed:

  • as a fragrance component imported into Australia at up to 1 tonne per annum
  • imported as a component of liquid fragrance formulations at up to 10% concentration, for local reformulation into finished cosmetic and household products 
  • imported or formulated as a component of finished cosmetic and household products up to:
    • 0.03% concentration in non-spray deodorant
    • 0.1% concentration in leave-on cosmetic products
    • 0.2% concentration in fine fragrances
    • 0.4% concentration in hair care products
    • 0.6% concentration in rinse-off cosmetic and household products
    • 5% concentration in air care products
Listing date13 March 2023

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