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ECHA | 54th meeting of the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis | 8-11 and 15-16 March 2022 | Minutes

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The Minutes of the 54th meeting of the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis includes the following item(s) for discussion:

5.2 Restriction Annex XV dossiers

a) Conformity check and key issues discussion

1) Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in firefighting foams

b) Opinion development

1) Substances containing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in clay targets for shooting – First draft opinion

2) 2,4-dinitrotoluene – Second draft opinion

3) Lead and its compounds in outdoor shooting and fishing– Assessment of the comments from the third-party consultation & SEAC draft opinion for the fishing sector

4) 1,6,7,8,9,14,15,16,17,17,18,18-dodecachloropentacyclo- [,9.02,13.05,10]octadeca-7,15-diene (Dechlorane Plus) – Third draft opinion

6.2 Authorisation applications

a) Discussion on key issues

1) 13 applications for authorisation (chromium trioxide, 4-tert-OPnEO, 4-NPnEO ) from November 2021 submission window

- 247_OPE_Boehringer_2 (single use),

- 248_NPE_OCV (single use),

- 249_CT_Tenneco_CZ (single use),

- 250_CT_Tenneco_ES (single use),

- 251_CT_Tenneco_BE (single use),

- 252_CT_Tenneco_PL (single use),

- 253_CT_GEA-Westfalia (single use),

- 254_CT_Ratier-Figeac (two uses),

- 255_CT_Chrom-Mueller (three uses),

- 256_CT_KaVo-Dental (single use),

- 257_CT_Qualipac (single use),

- 258_CT_Schulte (two uses),

- 259_CT_ST-SRL (single use).

b) Agreement on draft opinion

1. 231_CT_Kesseboehmer (1 use)

2. 236_SD_Robur (1 use)

3. 237_CT_Nobili (1 use)

4. 238_CT_Hueck (1 use)

5. 239_OPE_NPE_Prionics (1 use)

6. 240_OPE_Alexion (1 use)

7. 241_CT_Gessi (1 use)

Link to the Minutes of the 54th meeting of the Committee for Socio-economic Analysis


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