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  • February 21, 2023
  • WTO

Canada | Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Benoxacor (PMRL2023-10)

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Title of document
Proposed Maximum Residue Limit: Benoxacor (PMRL2023-10)

The objective of the notified document PMRL2023-10 is to consult on the listed maximum residue limit (MRL) for benoxacor that has been proposed by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).MRL (ppm)1   Raw Agricultural Commodity (RAC) and/or Processed Commodity0.01                   Caneberries (crop subgroup 13-07A)1 ppm = parts per millionThe commodities included in the listed crop groups/subgroups can be found on the Residue Chemistry Crop Groups webpage ( in the Pesticides section of the website.

Notifying member: Canada


Objective tag
Food safety (SPS)


  • Submission: N/A
  • Reception: N/A
  • Distribution: 21/02/2023
  • Final date for comments: N/A
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A


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