• May 4, 2021
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New Zealand | Discussion Document: Building System Reform (127 pages)

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Discussion Document: Building System Reform (127 page(s), in English)

New Zealand is proposing regulations in relation to building products and methods. There are three key aspects to the regulations:

Building Product Information Requirements (new mandatory regulations), Modular Component Manufacturer Certification Scheme (new voluntary scheme), and Product Certification Scheme (modification of existing voluntary scheme).

Building Product Information Requirements

The new primary legislation will enable regulations to be made that specify a minimum level of information that must be provided by manufacturers or suppliers of building products, as well as the form and manner in which the information must be provided. Specific requirements are proposed for information related to building product compliance with the New Zealand Building Code to ensure that consistent information is provided to support building product users to carry out their role.

Proposals made in the discussion document include:

- supply chain responsibilities to meet Building Product Information Requirements

- content of information to be provided about building products

- supply chain data and

- information standards transition period.

Modular component manufacturers scheme

The proposed modular component manufacturer certification scheme is a new voluntary scheme that will provide more efficient and consistent building consent approaches for manufacturers that are able to meet quality assurance and performance standards. These manufacturers will also have a demonstrated ability to produce modular components that comply with the New Zealand Building Code.  

Product Certification Scheme

New Zealand’s product certification scheme, CodeMark, is an existing, voluntary scheme that allows building products and methods to be certified. Building consent authorities must rely on a CodeMark certificate as proof that the product or method complies with the New Zealand Building Code (if the conditions on the certificate have been met. Proposed changes to the scheme will:

- implement registration requirements for product certification bodies

- implement registration requirements for certificates

- improve scheme requirements for product certification body accreditatio

- strengthen requirements for product certification body audits and reviews of certificates.

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Quality requirements

The primary legislation and proposed regulations seek to: address gaps and weak incentives in the regulation of building products and methods lift the quality of building work and provide fairer outcomes if things go wrong address barriers and delays for more innovative ways of off-site manufacturing strengthen the current framework for product certification.

Agency responsible
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment 15 Stout Street, Wellington 6011 PO Box 1473, Wellington 6140 New Zealand Phone +64 4 472 0030 or +64 4 917 0199 Fax +64 4 473 4638 or +64 4 917 0190 [email protected] https://www.mbie.govt.nz/


  • Submission: 03/05/2021
  • Reception: 03/05/2021
  • Distribution: 03/05/2021
  • Final date for comments: 02/07/2021
  • Proposed date of adoption: N/A


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