• November 19, 2018
  • Sofia

Strategies for More Sustainable Chemistry in the Textile Industry by 2030

The Project Market Opportunities for "Sustainable Chemistry" through the REACH Regulation(Sustainable Sporting Goods - SuSport) aimed to support a "more sustainable chemistry" in the textile supply chain, while looking beyond the "reactive" compliance position to a "proactive" beyond compliance perspective. Strategically, this approach is based on the following consideration: If you want to be "Compliant" tomorrow, you must already be "Beyond Compliance" today. Such a strategy not only ensures legal compliance, but also opens up new market opportunities. Together with actors from the textile supply chain, the project developed scenarios for the textile industry in 2030 as well as strategies and concrete steps to be taken on the way to the proactive "boldly ahead" scenario. 

A comprehensive final report (pdf) documents the project results. Further information, including the developed scenarios and explanations of the method, can also be found on the project page . A video that succinctly summarizes the main results can be found here . A quick overview is also the flyer ( de / en ). 

SOURCE: sofia-darmstadt.de


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