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New Zealand | Vaping Regulatory Authority reviewing all notified vaping substances to ensure compliance

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The Vaping Regulatory Authority is reviewing each of the 8,083 vaping substances that have been notified in New Zealand to identify any that may be non-compliant with the product safety requirements.

So far, the Authority has found no issues with 2,374 vaping substance notifications. A further 3,413 vaping substances have been identified for more detailed review or for clarification of the information that was provided when the product was notified to the Authority. In many cases, issues are likely to be related to incidental errors or omissions and will not result in any issues with the vaping products being sold.

All vaping products must be notified to the Authority, and the notification process automatically flags products that include known dangerous chemicals for review and does not allow notifiers to notify products that exceed legally permitted nicotine levels. Under these regulations, products are not assessed or tested separately by the Authority when they are notified with all vaping notifiers remaining responsible for ensuring information, they provide in their notifications about their products is accurate, and that their products comply with the product safety requirements.



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