BSEF Statement on the Oeko Institut draft RoHS restriction proposal for TBBPA

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On December 5th 2019 the Oeko institute in Germany released a report on a proposal to restrict TBBPA for its additive uses under the EU Directive[1] for restriction of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).  This report, which had been commissioned by DG Environment at the European Commission, had been anticipated for some time.

A public consultation on this draft assessment will now take place and stakeholders have until the 30th of January to submit comments or observations on the draft assessment.

The International Bromine Council is currently reviewing the draft assessment with its scientific and technical experts and plans to formally respond to the consultation within the specified period allowed.

The members of BSEF believe that any restriction of TBBPA is unwarranted as demonstrated by the many studies conducted on this product over the years. This will be substantiated in our response to the draft report.



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