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Canada | The Draft Screening Assessment – Substances Identified as Being of Low Concern Using the Ecological Risk Classification of Inorganic Substances

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Although silicon carbide (CAS RN 409-21-2), molybdenum oxide (CAS RN 1313-27-5), and beryllium (CAS RN7440-41-7) are not considered harmful to human health at levels of exposure considered in the assessment, these substances are considered to have health effects of concern based upon their potential carcinogenicity. Therefore, there may be a potential risk if exposures were to increase.

For this reason, the Government will undertake information gathering activities to track changes in exposure and use patterns for silicone carbide. Follow-up activities are not being considered at this time for molybdenum oxide and beryllium as an analysis of information on current and future uses suggests that it is unlikely that exposure will increase to levels of concern to human health.


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