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Public consultation on change of classification for 3-iodo-2-propynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC)

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ECHA has started a public consultation regarding the active substance 3-iodo-2-propynyl butyl carbamate (IPBC). The hearing deals with proposals to change the current harmonized classification of IPBC under the CLP regulation (EC no. 1272/2008) and concerns the substance's classification for acute inhalation toxicity and chronic aquatic toxicity. IPBC is used as a biocide, and is approved under the Biocide Regulation (EU no. 528/2012) as a preservative for products in storage (product type (PT) 6), in wood preservatives (PT 8) and in preservatives for liquids used in processing or cutting of metals (PT 13). IPBC is also used as a preservative in cosmetics, personal care products and perfumes and fragrances. ECHA collects comments and information regarding the proposed changes. The hearing and thus the opportunity to submit comments and possibly relevant information runs until 17 February 2023.



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