ChemSec and Clearya Partner To Help Online Shoppers Avoid Toxic Chemicals In Daily Products

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Responding to the surge in online shopping amidst health concerns, the Clearya safe shopping app expands to warn online shoppers of unsafe ingredients, based on ChemSec’s renowned ‘SIN List

The COVID-19 outbreak and social distancing practices adopted in many countries are affecting the way people shop. While brick and mortar shops are struggling, online shopping is on the rise. When people are concerned of potential exposure to coronavirus inside crowded shops, new online shopping habits are created and reinforced over time.

The pandemic is increasing public awareness of environmental contaminants and their impact on people’s health. These contaminants include air pollution, but also certain carcinogenic compounds and endocrine disruptors still used in cosmetics and other consumer goods, contribute to the development of underlying health conditions that may increase susceptibility to coronavirus.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, ChemSec, the International Chemical Secretariat, and Clearya, the safe online shopping app and browser plugin, are partnering in helping online shoppers avoid toxic chemicals in daily products.



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