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ECHA Gears Up to Propose Restriction on Chromium (VI) Substances: Implications for Companies and REACH Regulation

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The European Commission has tasked the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) with preparing a REACH restriction proposal concerning specific chromium (VI) substances currently listed as substances of very high concern. These substances are currently found in entries 16 and 17 of the REACH Authorisation List. The primary objective of this proposal is to address the significant workload challenges arising from numerous applications for authorization to use these substances, which could overwhelm ECHA's resources. If there's a risk of regrettable substitution with other chromium (VI) substances, an extension of the mandate is possible.

The preparation and evaluation of the restriction proposal will follow the standard REACH process. Upon adoption by the Commission, the substances under scrutiny will be removed from the Authorisation List, marking a historic first in REACH's history. Affected companies can find guidance in a Q&A document published by the Commission. These substances, which can cause cancer, genetic mutations, and reproductive harm, are frequently used in electroplating processes.


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