RoHS 2 - Stakeholder consultation as part of a “Study to support the review of the list of restricted substances and to assess a new exemption request“

The stakeholder consultation shall run for eight weeks, between 26 October 2018 to 21 December 2018 and covers the Substance Review Methodology and the revision of the RoHS Substance Inventory. It aims at collecting comments as to the draft of the revised methodology and at collecting information for the updating of the substance inventory. Please see the separate consultation pages for each of these areas of assessment: Substance MethodologySubstance Inventory 

Guidance document - The guidance document contains information on: i) the objective of the consultation, ii) how to submit your contribution, iii) contact details. Download guidance document on the stakeholder consultation 

The sections Substance Methodology and Substance Inventory contain further necessary information (e.g. background, questionnaire). 

Results of the consultation and next steps - Unconfidential information submitted during the consultation will be posted on the EU CIRCA website  (Browse categories > European Commission > Environment > RoHS Evaluations, at top left, click on "Library"). Non-confidential information submitted during the consultation will be posted on this website. Further exchange with stakeholders will be held after the consultation has ended for those issues where further need for information and / or need for (technical) discussion is to be identified. 


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