ECHA Guest Corner: Valérie Séjourné | Cleaning and hygiene is key to EU citizens health

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Valérie Séjourné is Director of Communications and Stakeholder Outreach at A.I.S.E., the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance products in Brussels. Valérie joined A.I.S.E. in 1997 from the private sector. Current priorities include projects related to sustainable production and consumption, circular economy, end-user engagement, digitalisation and labelling, working in close interaction with members, value chain partners and external stakeholders.

In a recent survey of consumers habits at home (Pan-European consumer habits survey by Insites Consulting for A.I.S.E., Feb & Jun 2020. Read more in A.I.S.E website), 89% of consumers in Europe said that when their home is clean, it gives them peace of mind. The same number confirmed that cleaning and hygiene in their home is important to avoid getting unwell or getting an infectious disease, both for themselves and their loved ones.

The survey, which was run in 23 countries across Europe in 2020 with 4500 citizens, is the latest research commissioned every three years by A.I.S.E. to monitor cleaning, washing and sustainability habits in households across Europe.

The survey findings confirm the increasing value of cleaning and hygiene products for European consumers as the COVID-19 sanitary crisis has reinforced the need for cleanliness and hygiene both at home and in public spaces for good health and wellbeing.

Whilst already very high in 2017, even more people now value the contribution of cleaning and hygiene at home for good health, not only for themselves but for the people around them. This includes the need for good hygiene practices at home to prevent infections. Outside the home, in public spaces, an increasing number of people agree that cleanliness and hygiene in public transport, schools and offices are important and reassuring, but that a dirty shop leaves them feeling uncomfortable.



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