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European Commission | Belarus’ trade in non-food raw materials

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ABSTRACT - This country fiche provides a data-based overview of Belarus’ trade in non-food raw materials, with an emphasis on the country’s trade relations with the EU in the context of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.
Belarus has an important trade deficit in non-food raw materials, being highly dependent on Russia for Energy and Abiotic commodities.
In 2020, non-food raw materials (excluding downstream) accounted for about one third of the country’s exports of goods. The EU was the main destination of exports for all three broad categories of non-food raw materials– Abiotic, Biotic and Energy.
Disruptions are expected in EU supply chains of abiotic and biotic materials with high share of extra-EU imports, such as: potash, wood, and various categories of iron and steel, mainly crude steel.



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