Glyphosate Evaluation: A Severely Skewed Report!

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As part of the European re-evaluation of glyphosate, the 4 rapporteur member states published their report (RAR) at the end of September. Our association worked for weeks on this file and detected very - too - many biases!

Thus, Générations Futures highlighted many flaws in the selection process for university studies in the RAR of glyphosate:

(*) Just by reading the title and the abstract, many relevant studies are excluded from the outset (for example, studies judged on their reliability and not their relevance, studies described at conferences which are nevertheless internationally recognized, etc.).

(*) A new cut is made when assessing relevance based on studying the entire text . There, all toxicology studies carried out with formulations different from those of the reference product whose authorization is requested in Europe are excluded. This concerns hundreds of studies! No justification and no means of verifying this assertion is provided, the composition of the products being confidential.

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