Exposure to crystalline silica: high risks for workers' health

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ANSES has published the results of its expertise relating to the health risks of workers exposed in France to crystalline silica, a mineral that is used in many sectors of activity. In France, nearly 365 000 workers are exposed by inhalation to crystalline silica, in particular quartz.

ANSES estimates between 23,000 and 30,000 the number of workers exposed to levels exceeding the Occupational Exposure Limit Value (OEL) of 0.1 mg.m-3 currently in force. In view of the level of evidence on the health effects associated with crystalline silica and the estimated exposure levels, the Agency concludes that there is a particularly high health risk for the occupational population exposed to levels above or equivalent to the current OEL.

The Agency is therefore issuing a series of recommendations to increase exposure prevention, revise OEL, upgrade medical surveillance, and revise existing occupational disease tables.

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