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  • May 7, 2023
  • WTO

India | Cookware and Utensils (Quality Control) Order, 2023

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Cookware and Utensils (Quality Control) Order, 2023

Cookware and Utensils (Quality Control) Order, 2023Stainless Steel Cookware: Utensils made of stainless steel used for cooking, serving and storage of food. It includes cooking utensils, serving utensils, table utensils and storage utensils.Wrought Aluminium Utensils: any utensils manufactured from aluminium or its alloys in wrought form which can be used for cooking, baking, serving or storing of solid/ semi-solid/ liquid food, water and household provisions.Stainless Steel Sinks of Domestic Purposes are sit-on or inset type stainless steel sinks used for domestic purposes.Round Open Top Sanitary Cans for foods and drinks: A rigid metal container made of tinplate which can be hermetically sealed for packing of thermally and non-thermally processed foods and drinks like fruit vegetable and dairy products, synthetic beverages, meat and fish products etc.Aluminium cans for beverages: is a single-use container up to 500-ml capacity for packing of beer and carbonated beverages.

Notifying member: India


Objective tag
Protection of human health or safety (TBT)



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  • Distribution: 05/05/2023
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