Road to Map Zero: Detoxing the Fashion Industry

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Free book now available to help fashion brands reduce their use of toxic chemicals - and empower fashion lovers to make the right choices

Foamy water, purple rivers, untold environmental and social damage… These are some examples of the devastating impact that the use of chemicals in the textile and footwear industry has on communities and habitat. Consumers have the right to the correct information to help them make the right choices, and the industry has a responsibility to clean up their act.

Knowledge is power when it comes to making the right choices - which is why today sees the launch of Detoxing the Fashion Industry for Dummies. The book is a freely available manual to empower fashion brands - big and small - to get the insights and information needed to detox their supply chains. And to enable customers to differentiate a greenwash from a stonewash when it comes to their textile choices.



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