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Formacare press release on the adoption of the restriction in products and vehicles

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Formacare, a sector group of Cefic, welcomes the EU’s recent adoption of a formaldehyde emissions restriction. Representing Europe’s formaldehyde industry, Formacare is prepared to collaborate with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to develop clearer compliance testing guidelines for products and vehicles.

Under REACH, the adopted restriction aims to mitigate risks to consumers, promote fair competition, and harmonise product quality, especially for wood-based panels. It sets limits for formaldehyde emissions: 0.062 mg/m3 for wood-based panels, 0.08 mg/m3 for other types of products, and 0.062 mg/m3 for vehicles. Industry operators have three years to comply with the restriction; vehicles manufacturers have four years.

This adoption marks the end of an almost six-year process involving numerous stakeholders, including European and national regulators, and REACH competent authorities.

Lars Eric Johansson, Chairman of Formacare, commented:

“Formacare acknowledges the necessity of regulatory action to ensure the highest level of consumer safety. With this agreed restriction on formaldehyde emissions from products and in vehicles, the European Union has adopted stringent legislation that also safeguards the integrity of the EU Single Market for the formaldehyde industry and its value chain.”

Nonetheless, many stakeholders have emphasised the need for clearer guidelines, particularly regarding the legal text on compliance testing conditions for products and vehicles. Formacare and its industry partners have the necessary expertise to support ECHA in preparing these much-needed guidelines. In this respect, we look forward to the beginning of the guidance preparation and remain available to support the relevant authorities and stakeholders.

Formacare press release on the adoption of the restriction in products and vehicles


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