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This Rotterdam Convention webinar, in French, takes place on 9 November 2020 at 11:00 Geneva time.


The Rotterdam Convention is a multilateral environmental agreement the objective of which is to promote the sharing of responsibilities and cooperation between the Parties to the Convention in the international trade of certain dangerous chemicals, with the objective of protecting human health and the environment from potential damage as well as contributing to their environmentally sound use. It facilitates the exchange of information on their characteristics, provides for a national decision-making process on their import and export and disseminates these decisions to the Parties.

Risk or hazard assessments carried out in one country may be used by another country to support its notification of final regulatory actions submitted in accordance with Article 5 of the Rotterdam Convention; this type of action is called “comparative transposition”. The webinar will present the concept of comparative transposition in the context of the Rotterdam Convention and the guidelines for comparative transposition as part of the FAO Pesticide Registration Toolkit. It contains detailed information on how the comparative transposition can be carried out successfully and therefore reduce the workload of decision makers in the context of pesticide management and Rotterdam Convention obligations.


  1. Welcome message and presentation (Mr. Mario Yarto, Secretariat of the Rotterdam Convention)
  2. Pesticide Registration Toolkit - Guidelines for Comparative Transposition and Specific Modules for Comparative Transposition (Ms. Béatrice Grenier and Mr. Harold van der Valk, Pesticide Management Specialists, FAO)
  3. Questions and Answers (Rotterdam Convention Secretariat)
  4. Fencing



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