PolyStyreneLoop BV shortlisted for prestigious Plastics Recycling Awards Europe

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Polystyrene Loop Coöperatief U.A. will build the plant as PolyStyreneLoop BV in Terneuzen, Netherlands. The company sets up a demonstration plant for recycling polystyrene foam construction waste (both EPS and XPS) containing the legacy chemical HBCD and (H)CFC’s. It will separate and destruct the obtained HBCD and will recycle and sell polystyrene beads (PS) compliant to the POP regulation described in the Basel Convention. The separated HBCD will be treated in the Bromine Recovery Unit (BRU) based at ICL, Terneuzen allowing the recovery of elemental bromine and the safe destruction of HBCD. Members of the cooperative will take the 100% recycled PS and will use it again in construction applications, as feedstock for extrusion of EPS beads, or via continuous XPS foaming.



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