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ECHA | Public Consultation on Hazard Classification of Eugenol and Talc

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Two substances, eugenol and talc, are currently undergoing a public consultation regarding their potential hazards. The consultations aim to gather feedback and comments from the public on how these substances should be classified based on their hazardous properties.

For eugenol, the consultation focuses on its potential to cause skin sensitization, which means it may cause an allergic reaction when it comes into contact with the skin. Additionally, eugenol is being assessed for a wide range of other hazards such as explosiveness, flammability, toxicity, and harm to the environment.

Talc, on the other hand, is being evaluated for its potential to cause cancer and harm to specific organs when people are repeatedly exposed to it.

Eugenol and talc are commonly used in various industries and applications:

(*) Eugenol is frequently used in the fragrance and flavoring industry for its pleasant aroma and taste. Eugenol also has applications in the pharmaceutical field, where it is utilized for its analgesic (pain-relieving) and antiseptic properties. Additionally, eugenol can be found in dental materials, as it is used in dental fillings and temporary cement.

(*) Talc is a mineral composed of magnesium, hydrogen, silicon, and oxygen. It is widely recognized for its softness and lubricating properties. Talc has various applications across different industries. In the cosmetics and personal care industry, talc is commonly found in products like baby powder, body powders, and cosmetics, where it is used for its absorbent and anti-friction qualities. Talc is also used in the manufacture of ceramics, paints, plastics, rubber, and as a filler in paper production. In the pharmaceutical sector, talc may be used in medications and tablets to improve their flow properties and act as a glidant.

It is important to note that the specific uses and applications of these substances can vary, and they may have additional applications beyond those mentioned here.



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