Endocrine disruptors: Scientific Conferences on current research work and future prospects

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On 8 July, ANSES and the French National Research Agency (ANR) join forces to organise a Science Day devoted to research on endocrine disruptors. This new edition provided an opportunity to review the scientific advances and challenges at the heart of the new national strategy on endocrine disruptors.

We encounter endocrine disruptors, substances that can interfere with our hormonal system, in our daily lives: they can be found in food, cosmetics, packaging, medicines and crop treatment products.

Given the diverse sources of exposure to these substances, research is crucial for a better understanding of their effects according to exposure doses and life stages. This knowledge is essential for determining the role of environmental exposure in the development of certain diseases (metabolic diseases, reproductive diseases, obesity, etc.), taking preventive measures, and ultimately better guidance of public policy. 



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