BRS Executive Secretary urges strong cooperation between chemicals and waste and regional seas conventions

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Chemicals are a part of our daily lives. They improve our lives, our health, food security and much more, but when misused and mismanaged, hazardous chemicals and wastes threaten our health and the environment.

The Global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, released in May this year states that “Coastal waters hold the highest levels of metals and persistent organic pollutants from industrial discharge and agricultural run-off, poisoning coastal fish harvests. Severe effects from excess nutrient concentrations in certain locations include damage to fish and seabed biota. The dynamics of ocean and airborne transport of pollutants mean that the harm from inputs of plastics, persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals and ocean acidification is felt worldwide, including with consequences for human health”.



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