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EFSA | 14th Working Group meeting on FOLLOW-UP TOX | 23 April 2024 | Minutes

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The 14th Working Group meeting on FOLLOW-UP TOX includes the following scientific topic(s) for discussion:

a. Opinion on the re‐evaluation of silicon dioxide (E 551) as food additive in foods for infants below 16 weeks of age and follow‐up of their re‐evaluation as food additive for uses in foods for all population groups (EFSA Q-2018-00526)

The WG discussed the chronic toxicity study and the findings in the Weight of Evidence (WoE) table. The WG confirmed that the old studies submitted by the IBO during the re-evaluation will not be re-assessed. The draft opinion will be further revised for a future meeting.

Link to the 14th Working Group meeting on FOLLOW-UP TOX


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